Cambodian Collection

The Cambodian hair extensions can easily be colored if you want to correct the color distinctions but it is best that you seek help from a professional hair stylist to do so. Other things you might notice is that the weight may vary slightly, but this is also natural with virgin hair. Once again, we do not alter a thing when we take the hair from the donor, so this slight difference is how you know that the Cambodian hair truly is genuine and virgin hair. Most of our hair bundles weigh between three to three and a half ounces. The difference is so slight that when it is in your hair it is not likely that you will be able to tell at all. Whether you want to wear the Cambodian hair in a weave, to add body to your hair, or to help add length you will find that your Cambodian hair extensions are the perfect choice. They are made with a machine weft that keeps them on a continuous tract so if they are sealed properly they will not unravel even if you do decide to cut them. This makes the lustrous hair the perfect choice for a few hairstyles instead of just one if you like to change your hair frequently. 

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