My Natural Hair is Killing Me...

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The drama is so real right now,  I want to scream. Ok enough of my melodramatics.

No literally I went for a routine check up. To my surprise my blood pressure was a tad bit higher that usual. I felt healthy for the most part and had no clue what could have caused this. My day job, exercise, b-12. Nope. Then it came to me. I’ve been on a rough 3 year journey with the most disgruntled unpredictable entity I’ve ever experienced. My natural beautiful course hair that I absolutely do not know. The stress and the worry that came with it, I was absolutely NOT prepared. Was being “truly you” supposed to be this hard?

The Products
Silk scarf, oil and a paddle brush was all I needed for my easy breeeezy relaxed wrap. with my natural hair. I cannot begin to tell you about the products. All of the creams and oils and this and that. To finally finish a hairstyle that took you 3 days to achieve that could be all destroyed because of the weather.. As a professional, fluffy hair wouldn’t be my first choice. Case and point, issue number 2 which I just babbled away.
So now I’m frustrated and not feeling like my diva self. Here we are. Me and Pinterest looking for that new style. A relaxed style is easy because I’m too busy to deal with my sometimey natural hair. I’m a working mom with a lot on my plate. Time is limited in my life so a cute pixie or asymmetrical bob seemed right up my alley. It seemed like the most feasible option. Then I started to feel bad. How could I just give up on myself like that. I know I didn’t take this natural hair journey just to give up. So I found my solution.

For me, I have to dress professional every weekday for work. So, I needed to find a style that would make me look good in my suits but not compromise the healthy condition of my natural hair. I invested in Nina Pink Hair. The wide selection of curly, straight and wavy wigs and extensions make it a breeze to find the perfect hairstyle you’ve been looking for. I wear the full lace Brazilian Straight wig for it’s versatility. I can have curls one day or be bone straight the next. I can take the wig on and off each night making caring for my natural hair a breeze. My hair is cornrows and I wear it out at home but when it’s time to step out I have reliable hair. Now I’m not as stressed about my natural hair. Wearing high quality Nina Pink hair gives me a confidence boost when it comes to learning my natural hair. It’s also buying me time to give my hair a real chance without making a hasty decision I may regret in the future. I hope this helps you on your natural hair journey! Stay blessed Queen!

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