Still Natural and Going Strong!

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212EDD7D-F8BC-4AF8-B8D1-FCFBC1DFEBDB​“Queen Mommy” that’s what my youngest son calls me. The bun I wear on my head resembles a crown so cute! It amazes me how interested he is in making sure I am adored like the most special Mommy in the world! He is truly amazing. Now this natural hair of mine on the other hand, well that’s a completely different story.

There’s good news. I went to see my girl “The Hair Goddess” in hopes to mend the relationship between me and my hair. I sucked it up and decided to give our relationship another try. On GAWD, I was coming out with the creamy crack. I decided to use coily clipins from the Truly You Collection which have been a lifesaver!

I love that I can have a more natural looking protective style without sacrificing professionalism. All I do is brush my hair up in a high ponytail, strategically place the clipins where I want, brush and tie up my edges with a silk scarf and 20 minutes later I’m ready to go! That gives me time to do my makeup and lounge before work. In love! I’m telling you this is the most stress-free protective hairstyle y’all. It feels, moves and looks so real.  Shop Nina Pink Hair Truly You Collection Coily and be amazed at how soft this hair feels. What’s even better is I can really, REALLY take care of my natural hair. I’m able to become more familiar with my hair and you know what, it’s not that bad after all. Most importantly, I’m able to wash and condition my hair more often than I would with a sew in. I’ll keep you posted! For updates subscribe!

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